TELEHEALTH – A New Type of Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

TELEHEALTH – A New Type of Therapy for Anxiety and Depression


TELEHEALTH – A New Type of Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Psychotherapy – Outpatient psychotherapy, particularly with well-trained providers, has been shown by extensive research to be effective in addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and other areas. Doctoral level psychologists, PhD and PsyD, are highly qualified.

Covid – When Covid hit, our lives changed. People began self-isolating, and avoiding crowded spaces, including waiting rooms. Fewer people took the risk of exposure and fewer people felt they had safe access to psychotherapy.

Telehealth – Telehealth had been around for a while, but now provided a convenient and effective way to reach people in need.

Convenience – Who wants to drive through traffic to an office, then sit in the waiting room until their appointment? Who would rather sit in a comfortable spot in their home wearing a nice shirt and gray sweatpants? The answer is pretty obvious.

Effectiveness – Telehealth clearly could help reach many more people. However, how effective was it? Numerous rigorous studies indicated that telehealth was as effective as in-person sessions. Non- video telephone sessions were also shown to be effective.

 Laws – The state of Kentucky has laws mandating that insurance companies which cover in-person outpatient sessions will also cover telehealth sessions:  KY 304.17A-138 Prohibition against health benefit plan excluding coverage for telehealth.

How To Begin – Telehealth does require at least minimal equipment, a Wi-Fi connection, rudimentary skills, and a quiet, confidential spot. Laptops and even iPhones work well.

Future – In the early stages of the epidemic, state laws and insurance policies increased access to telehealth for as many people as possible. There was a concern that as Covid passed, the laws and policies would become less expansive. Not only has that not happened, but there are many indications that support and demand for telehealth will continue.

Summary – Telehealth With a highly trained, doctoral level therapist has proven itself to be convenient, affordable, effective and accessible.

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